Japanese Framing

I learned how to frame a painting  in the Japanese way with a modern touch: it is not 100% traditional screen roll (kakejiku), but very similar to it. To hand this screen roll on the wall you can use a system of wooden sticks which are available in many ion-line stories.

 In 2018 I donated an important part of my large collection of Japanese kimonos to the Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manggha in Cracow, Poland.  However another part is used to frame paintings according to one’s taste and budget. I continuously purchase premium kimonos’ silks and the used kimonos in Japan to enlarge the selection of available fabrics. This kind of framing is an art in itself and considerably changes the perception of the painting. You can chose a silk which is very traditional or maybe quite modern depending on what kind of painting you wish to frame.


Prices vary  depending on the size of the painting, the silk template and the chosen piece of fabrics (with or without decorations).

Standard kakejiku size: starting from 80  CHF/EUR/piece

Special discount for my students.

This is only a part of the choice of silks I offer for the framing. I have more proposals. If you are looking for some specific design or colors, do not hesitate to contact me.